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PERGOLA - Termékismertető



Veranda/Deck - Hearing this word a pillared, covered porch comes to mind running along the front of the house. This superstructure is a modern porch subsequently erected to the buildings and according to the latest standards. With vertically and horizontally movable side elements, the shading system runs over the two sides on the roof.

The ceiling surface is free of structural elements, the "open sky" effect prevails at wound up awning.

The boundary element of the area can be:

- Vertically affixed canvas - Closer, for more than 70km / h wind strength authenticated

- Aluminium construction closures in rolling or folding door design

- Full glass surface

All the structural elements of the PERGOLINA are treated, lacquered alloy steel. Owning to the wide range of colours and patterns the design can be fit in the characteristics of the building.

 Built-in lighting, heating enhance the feeling of comfort:

- bilateral light source, wall mounted or placed on pillars,

- heating device supplements in order to create a more pleasant interior.

Pergola teraszraPergola teraszra Pergola terasz, erkély árnyékolásáraPergola terasz, erkély árnyékolására Pergola árnyékolóPergola árnyékoló

The roller closure can be fit up with led lighting.

The operation of the entire pergola (interior lighting too) is feasible by installation of own solar collector elements too. The roof structure is divided into units, so some elements may be replaced one by one at any time.

Maintenance requirements are minimal.

During the design the safety and disaster prevention guidelines were taken into account,

- The rainwater is perfectly led down at the minimum 5 inclination (slope per meter is 9 cm) owning to the levelling system, which would lead the sudden downpour of water that is above the maximum precipitation level.

-It withstands the 50 cm of fresh snow weight (at fully stretched roof canvas)

- Authenticated to 120 km/h if the canvas surface is completely stretched, 110 km/h at wound up canvas surface.

It is suitable for installation in family houses and restaurants terraces, and has also a space increasing function.

PERGOLA - Gyakori kérdések

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